Why are we doing this?


MVP is still in progress! Updates following soon, we are T-6 weeks away from launching our platform in it’s first stage. Design Mocks for now💪


The heart of what we are doing. Super happy to be part of blockchain’s most active community, ethereum, and working with the great Polygon network to bring Creator Coins to life for our users. And this is also why we are doing this: To enable an inclusive no-code tool for everyone to create their own crypto economy. Currently we are focusing on use cases for creator coins, for example in the following areas:

  • Giving coinholders access rights to premium content
  • Rewarding coinholders with our network token $RSE
  • Creating community collectibles


We are hiring! We are beyond excited about the great talent that came onboard this month — we will introduce them here, so stay tuned!



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The first music NFT ecosystem that brings artists, fans, labels and brands together. Powered by $drop tokens.